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My CV can be viewed here.  Reprints can be found through the links below, Google Scholar, ResearchGate, or upon request.

Edited Books

Gilbert CC and Frost SR, eds.  (under contract).  The Fossil Cercopithecidae of the African Plio-Pleistocene: Systematics, Evolution, and Biochronology. Springer.

Fleagle JG, Gilbert CC, and Baden AL.  (expected 2024).  Primate Adaptation and Evolution, 4th edition.  San Diego: Academic Press/Elsevier. 

Fleagle JG and Gilbert CC, eds.  (2008).  Elwyn Simons: A Search for Origins.  New York: Springer.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Sehgal RK, Singh NP, Singh AP, Gilbert CC, Patel BA, and Patnaik R.  (accepted, in press).  First report of rodents from the Miocene Siwalik locality of Dunera, Pathankot District, Punjab, India.  Palaeontologia Electronica.

*Post NW, Gilbert CC, Pugh KD, Mongle CS.  (2023).  Implications of outgroup selection in the phylogenetic inference of hominoids and fossil hominins.  Journal of Human Evolution 184: 103437.

Frost SR, White F, *Reda H, Gilbert CC.  (2022).  Biochronology of South African hominin-bearing sites: a reassessment using cercopithecid primates.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 119, e2210627119.

Rowan J, Lazagabaster IA, Campisano CJ, Bibi F, Bobe R, Boisserie J-R, Frost SR, Getachew T, Gilbert CC, Lewis ME, Melaku S, Scott E, Souron A, Werdelin L, Kimbel WH, and Reed KE (in revision).  Early Pleistocene large mammals from Maka’amitalu, Hadar, lower Awash Valley, Ethiopia.  PeerJ 10, e13210.


Sehgal RK, Singh AP, Gilbert CC, Patel BA, Campisano CJ, Selig KR, Patnaik R, and Singh NP.  (2022).  First occurrence of a treeshrew and description of other micromammals from the middle Miocene hominoid locality of Ramnagar, Udhampur district, Jammu and Kashmir.  Journal of Paleontology 96: 1318-1335.  DOI:


Arenson JL, Harrison T, Sargis EJ, Taboada HG, and Gilbert CC.  (2022).  A new species of fossil guenon (Cercopithecini, Cercopithecidae) from the Early Pleistocene Lower Ngaloba Beds, Laetoli, Tanzania.  Journal of Human Evolution 163: 103136.


Delson E, Alba DM, Frost SR, Getahun DA, Gilbert CC.  (2021).  Case 3847- Simopithecus oswaldi Andrews, 1916 (currently Theropithecus oswaldi; Mammalia, Primates, Cercopithecidae), proposed conservation by reversal of precedence with Cynocephalus atlanticus Thomas, 1884.  The Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 78, 99-111.


Gilbert CC, Gilissen E, Arenson JL, Patel BA, Nakatsukasa M, Hart TB, Hart JA, Detwiler KM, and Sargis EJ.  (2021).  Morphological analysis of new Cercopithecus dryas specimens from the central Congo Basin: taxonomic considerations and an emended diagnosis.  American Journal of Physical Anthropology 176: 361-389.


Smaers JB, Rothman RS, Hudson DR, Balanoff AM, Beatty B, Dechmann DKN, DeVries D, Dunn JC, Fleagle JG, Gilbert CC, Goswami A, Iwaniuk AN, Jungers WL, Kerney M, Ksepka DT, Manger PR, Mongle CS, Rohlf FJ, Smith NA, Soligo C, Weisbecker V, Safi K.  (2021).  The evolution of mammalian brain size.  Science Advances 7: eabe210.


Gilbert CC, Ortiz A., Patel BA, Singh NP, Campisano CJ, Fleagle JG, *Pugh KD, and Patnaik R.  (2020).  New Middle Miocene ape (Primates: Hylobatidae) from Ramnagar, India fills major gaps in the hominoid fossil record.  Proceedings of the Royal Society B 287: 20201655.


Arenson JL, Sargis EJ, Hart JA, Hart TB, Detwiler KM, and Gilbert CC.  (2020).  Skeletal morphology of the lesula (Cercopithecus lomamiensis) and the evolution of guenon locomotor behavior.  American Journal of Physical Anthropology 172: 3-24.


Gilbert CC, Sehgal, RK, Pugh KD, Campisano CJ, Singh, NP, May E, Patel BA, Patnaik R.  (2019).  New Sivapithecus specimen from Ramnagar (J & K), India and a taxonomic revision of Ramnagar hominoids.  Journal of Human Evolution 135: 102665. (


Pugh KD and Gilbert CC.  (2018).  Phylogenetic relationships of living and fossil African papionins: combined evidence from morphology and molecules.  Journal of Human Evolution 123: 35-51.


Gilbert CC, Frost SR, Pugh KD, Anderson M, and Delson E (2018).  Evolution of the modern baboon (Papio hamadryas): A reassessment of the African Plio-Pleistocene record.  Journal of Human Evolution 122: 38-69.

Fuchs AJ, Gilbert CC, Kamilar JM.  (2018).  Ecological niche modeling of the genus PapioAmerican Journal of Physical Anthropology.  

Singh NP, Gilbert CC, Patel BA, Patnaik R.  (2018).  The taphonomy, palaeoecology and biochronology of the Middle Miocene hominoid locality of Ramnagar (Jammu and Kashmir, India).  Journal of Asian Earth Sciences.


Nengo I, Tafforeau P, Gilbert CC, Fleagle JG, Miller E, Feibel C, Fox D, Feinberg J, Pugh KD, Berruyer C, Engle Z, Spoor F.  (2017).  New infant cranium from the African Miocene sheds light on ape evolution.  Nature 548: 169-174.  


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Gilbert CC, Takahashi MQ, Delson E.  (2016b).  Cercopithecoid humeri from Taung support the distinction of major papionin clades in the South African fossil record.  Journal of Human Evolution 90: 88-104.


Gilbert CC, Steininger CM, Kibii JM, Berger LR.  (2015).  Papio cranium from the hominin-bearing site of Malapa: implications for the evolution of modern baboon cranial morphology and South African Plio-Pleistocene biochronology.  PLoS ONE 10(8), e0133361. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0133361


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Gilbert CC, Patel BA, Friedman AC, Pugh KD, Fleagle JG, Patnaik R.  (2014).  New Lower Siwalik localities near Ramnagar, India: implications for the earliest Asian great apes and other mammalian lineages.  Special Publication of the Palaeontological Society of India 5: 353-365.  


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Edited Book Chapters


Frost SF, Sena C, and Gilbert CC (accepted, in press).  Plio-Pleistocene cercopithecoid evolution and biogeography: a contemporaneous comparison with Paranthropus. In: Constantino PJ, Reed KE, Wood BA (Eds.), The Forgotten Lineage(s): Paelobiology of Paranthropus


Gilbert CC and Hill A.  (in press).  Chapter 13: Primates of the late Miocene Baynunah Formation, Abu Dhabi.  In: Bibi F, Hill A, Beech MJ, Kraatz B (Eds.), Sands of Time: Ancient Life in the Late Miocene of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Dordrecht: Springer.  pp. 203-218. 


Frost SF, Gilbert CC, and Nakatsukasa M (2022).  The colobine fossil record.  In: Matsuda I, Grueter CC, Teichroeb JA (Eds.), The Colobines: Natural History, Behaviour and Ecological Diversity. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.  pp. 13-31.


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